Meet Melissa

Melissa helps organizations find their authentic voice—often acting as the bridge between creative, digital, and strategy—she is a process addict with a demonstrated history of bringing structure to creative chaos. Melissa is a savvy experience designer devoted to creating compelling, consistent brands.

Melissa has a background in art—she’s a printmaker who found her way to RPI, and has spent over a decade carving out a career in the marketing and advertising industry that blends art and science.



Starting with a deep dive—we get to know you and your brand, discussing needs and goals. Once we have an idea of what you want to accomplish, we work together to create a creative brief—a project blueprint. This includes any inspiration that correctly reflects your brand and outlines the strategy.

Now, we build on that foundation. We think, we scheme, we concept, we write, we design, we edit, we edit some more and then we share our best with you. Then we incorporate your feedback—ensuring that the work properly meets your project goals. And then we share the creative work again, for approval.

Magic accomplished, your project is ready to be shared with the world. We send your files to a printer, push them live on a server, or we guide you through the print, production, or publishing of your project so that you can achieve success.